In the Shadows

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling series. The IN THE SHADOWS series of books are sexy contemporary romantic suspense/thrillers. Books 1-3 tell Sebastian and Talia’s happy-ever after story and books 4-5 tell Cass and Calder’s epic love story story.  Book #6, BLACK PLATINUM and book #7, REDDEST BLACK, are stand alone Talia and Sebastian passionate adventures. Book #8, BLOOD ROSE, is a new stand alone Cass and Calder story. Book #9, NOBLE BRIT, is a stand alone Mina and Den story. Book #10 swings back to Talia and Sebastian for a new stand alone story!  Click for More Details & Reading Order

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BLACK AND RED (In the Shadows, Book 10 ) – NOW AVAILABLE! 

A high-stakes, standalone novel set in the bestselling IN THE SHADOWS world featuring a billionaire former SEAL and an investigative journalist.

When a Blake is taken, Sebastian and Talia will discover just how strong their bond and trust in each other is in order to find the culprit before it’s too late to save their family. With everything to lose, working together, no matter the circumstance, is critical to their success.

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NOBLE BRIT (In the Shadows, Book 9 ) – Preorder! – RELEASE DATE IS June 25th 2019*

Dennet Barasa. British. Former MI6. Bodyguard. Controlled and cool under pressure, he’s about to meet his match in a petite heiress, who will be his toughest assignment yet.

When I lost everything I ever cared about, guarding the Blake family became my life. I’ve spent years protecting the wealthy family like they were my own.

Until I was assigned Mina Blake.

Beautiful and intelligent, she’s infuriatingly stubborn as she challenges me. She’s also a delightful storm, tearing up the roadblocks around my heart faster than I can rebuild them.

But someone is after Mina, and as the danger closes in from all sides, I’m finding it harder to separate my head from my heart.

She is everything I thought I would never have in my life. And I will do whatever it takes to keep her forever.

Dear Readers: NOBLE BRIT is a stand alone novel set in the IN THE SHADOWS world.

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BLOOD ROSE (In the Shadows, Book 8 ) – NOW AVAILABLE!

Calder Blake lost everything: his mother, his father, his very identity. Until Cass, he didn’t believe he deserved to be a Blake, where family and loyalty always come first.

But what if Cass can’t give Calder what he needs to move on from his broken past?

Or worse, what if someone’s determined that Cass will never get a chance to become a Blake?

Dear Readers: BLOOD ROSE will be a stand alone story, but if you haven’t read how Cass and Calder’s love story first started, you can do so through GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Not only do you get to take the journey with Cass and Calder, but you’ll also get to visit with Sebastian and Talia, since they play key roles in Cass and Calder’s story. 🙂

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REDDEST BLACK (In the Shadows, Book 7 ) – NOW AVAILABLE!

Passion, betrayal, and heartache collide in an emotionally charged and dangerous chain of events that could unravel everything Sebastian and Talia have worked to overcome.

While looking forward to a bright future with the upcoming birth of their child, and navigating the often humorous and overbearingly protective aspects of approaching parenthood, Mister Black and Little Red manage to strengthen their passionate connection.

But connections can be severed in the most insidious ways, and the power couple must learn to trust each other’s instincts if they hope to uncover the threat determined to destroy their family.

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BLACK PLATINUM (In the Shadows, Book 6 ) – Now Available!

You are cordially invited…

When wedding plans go awry and tragedy hits, Sebastian and Talia race against time to uncover the culprit who dared to strike out at the Blakes.

While wading through murky family waters to discover the truth, Mister Black and Little Red’s relationship deepens and simmers to new levels.

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STEEL RUSH (In the Shadows, Book 5 ) – Now Available!
The New York Times, USA Today and International Bestselling series continues with the second book in Cass and Calder’s story.

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GoldShimmerCover150x232GOLD SHIMMER (In the Shadows, Book 4 ) – Now Available
The New York Times, USA Today and International Bestselling series continues with Cass and Calder’s story, Book #1 in the BLACK SHADOWS duet

BLACKESTREDCover150x232BLACKEST RED (In the Shadows, Book 3) – Now Available!
New York Times, USA Today and International Bestselling series

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SCARLETT RED (In the Shadows, Book 2) – Now Available!
New York Times, USA Today and International Best Seller! 

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 MisterBlackMISTER BLACK (In the Shadows, Book 1) – Now Available!
New York Times, USA Today and International Best Seller! 

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