Series Overview & Reading Order

Series Overview & Reading Order

In the Shadows
 – New York Times, USA Today and international bestselling series

The IN THE SHADOWS books are sexy contemporary romantic suspense/thrillers.
Books 1-3 tell Sebastian & Talia’s story, books 4-5 tell Cass & Calder’s story, books 6-7 are stand alone Sebastian and Talia books and upcoming book 8 is a stand alone Cass and Calder book.

Sebastian & Talia’s storyline is an epic love story featuring a wealthy former SEAL and an investigative journalist with dark pasts.

Cass & Calder’s story is an equally deep love story featuring a wealthy fighter (and ex SEAL) who vows to protect a photographer who gets caught up in her doppelgänger’s twisted and dangerous life.  

All the books feature recurring characters and are available in eBook, print and audio formats.

Series reading order: (click the image for all retailer purchase links)

Mister Black: Sebastian & Talia (book 1 – novella)
Scarlett Red: Sebastian & Talia (book 2 – novel)
Blackest Red*: Sebastian & Talia (book 3 – novel)

Gold Shimmer: Cass & Calder (book 4 – novel)
Steel Rush*: Cass & Calder (book 5 – novel)

Black Platinum**: Sebastian & Talia (book 6 – stand alone novel)
Reddest Black** : Sebastian & Talia (book 7 – stand alone novel)
Blood Rose**: Cass & Calder (book 8 – stand alone)
Noble Brit **: Mina & Den (book 9 – stand alone)
Black and Red**: Sebastian & Talia (book 10 – stand alone)
Black Steel** (book 11 – stand alone – Coming up!)

*These books give you each couple’s happy-every-after.
** This will be a standalone book. 
*** Books 1-3 MUST be read in order. Books 4-5 MUST be read in order, but you don’t have to read books 1-3 to enjoy 4-5.  FOR THE BEST ENJOYMENT OF THE IN THE SHADOWS SERIES, READ all the books starting from the beginning!  🙂 The rest of the books going forward will be stand alone stories.

Brightest Kind of Darkness Series

An epic love story/adventure about a seventeen year old girl who dreams her next day and the boy who steals more than her heart.Upper YA/New Adult crossover series. Can be enjoyed equally by both upper teens and adults. 16+

Series reading order: (click the image for all retailer purchase links)

Ethan: A prequel to Brightest Kind of Darkness (Prequel – novella)
Brightest Kind of Darkness:(book 1 – novel)
Lucid: (book 2 – novel)
Destiny: (book 3 – novel)
Desire: (book 4 – novel)
Awaken: (book 5 – novel) – The epic conclusion to the BKoD Series

Bad in Boots Series

A sexy contemporary western series featuring the seductive men of Boone, Texas. Each book can be read as a stand alone story. 18+

Series reading order: (click the image for all retailer purchase links)

Harm’s Hunger: (book 1 – novella)
Ty’s Temptation: (book 2 – novel)
Colt’s Choice: (book 3 – novel)
Josh’s Justice: (book 4 – novel)

Kendrian Vampires Series

An alluring paranormal series featuring the charismatic Kendrian vampires. Each book can be read as a stand alone story. 18+
Series reading order: (click the image for all retailer purchase links)

A Taste for Passion: (book 1 – novel)
A Taste for Revenge: (book 2 – novel)
A Taste for Control: (book 3 – novel)