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Series Overview & Reading Order

BLOOD ROSE (In the Shadows, Book 8 ) – Preorder! – RELEASE DATE IS JUNE 2018*

When Cass’s life is stripped away, threatening her entire existence, Calder will do whatever it takes to bring her back to him, even if that means letting go of the only family he has ever known.

Dear Readers: Blood Rose will be a stand alone story, but if you haven’t read how Cass and Calder’s love story first started, you can do so through GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Not only do you get to take the journey with Cass and Calder, but you’ll also get to visit with Sebastian and Talia, since they play key roles in Cass and Calder’s story. 🙂

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REDDEST BLACK (In the Shadows, Book 7 ) – NOW AVAILABLE!

Passion, betrayal, and heartache collide in an emotionally charged and dangerous chain of events that could unravel everything Sebastian and Talia have worked to overcome.

While looking forward to a bright future with the upcoming birth of their child, and navigating the often humorous and overbearingly protective aspects of approaching parenthood, Mister Black and Little Red manage to strengthen their passionate connection.

But connections can be severed in the most insidious ways, and the power couple must learn to trust each other’s instincts if they hope to uncover the threat determined to destroy their family.

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15 thoughts on “Coming

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  2. Daisy

    I wanted to thank you for your book description on Amazon, for Mr. Black. In the description you indicated the book was part of a series. I do not like to read series and I so appreciate that you were upfront about it in the description. I will definitely add you to my list of authors to read (when it’s not a series). Again, thanks!

    1. ptmichelle Post author


      I’m genuinely curious why you don’t like to read series if you don’t mind answering. Right now, book 1, Mister Black, is Free and book 2, Scarlett Red, is just $.99. There’s no better time that right now to try the series while the sale is running. Scarlett Red will go back to full price soon. Books 1-3 tells Sebastian and Talia’s Happy-Ever-After. So right now for $5.99, you get to read Sebastian and Talia’s story. The hope is you’ll want to continue reading on, but you do get their HEA by book three, Blackest Red.

  3. Rebecca Bonner

    I’ve loved every book you have written, I truly believe you are the best writer in this book category and I have read ALOat of books… please can you confirm when BlOOD ROSE is likely to be released?

  4. Ronetta T.

    I’m looking forward to reading Blood Rose! Will there be a romantic interest for Ben, perhaps Sebastian’s little sister Mina?

    1. ptmichelle Post author

      Hi C Mercuio,

      Right now I’m working on other books in my IN THE SHADOWS series. I enjoyed writing my cowboys, so I never say never about future books. The right story just needs to come to me before I dive back into my cowboy world.

  5. yassmina Mars

    Am so ecxited about the upcoming book.. I’ve read 5 books so far. Am on the 6th ;platinum and I can’ t wait to finish it and move to the 7th.
    Waiting forward to reading “blood rose”.
    Thank you P.T.Michelle for this amazing book series


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