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A wealthy ex-SEAL and an investigative journalist with dark pasts come together in an seductive romance and thriller/mystery that ties them intricately together.

In the Shadows, Sebastian and Talia:

Mister Black

Book 1 in the New York Times & USA Today bestselling IN THE SHADOWS series, featuring Sebastian and Talia’s love story.

When Talia crashes a masked party, the charismatic and dominant Mister Black is the one man who can either help or expose her. Neither can deny their attraction, but what happens when one hot night together turns into so much more…

We all have someone who crossed our path and fundamentally changed us. That one person who blew through our lives, their presence forever stamped on our psyche. They linger in our thoughts, in our hearts, and in the decisions we make. A soul crusher or a dream maker, depending on the perspective.

My person is Mister Black.

I didn’t know him by that name when I first met him.

I didn’t know him at all, but the impression he left behind was just as powerful as the name I call him today.

He is Black: a deadly enforcer and masterful seducer.

I am Red: a justice bleeder and willing participant.

Together we are passion. Colors colliding through each other’s lives.

When our secrets converge in a passionate encounter, stepping out of the shadows just might be worth the risk.

NOTE: MISTER BLACK is meant for readers 18+ due to mature content. This is part 1 in the IN THE SHADOWS series and is 154 print pages. The series must be read in the following order: MISTER BLACK (Part 1, 154 print pages, novella), SCARLETT RED (Part 2, 275 print pages, novel), and BLACKEST RED (Part 3, 371 print pages, novel). All three books in Sebastian and Talia’s epic love story are now available.

A novella and two full length novels tell Sebastian and Talia’s epic happy-ever-after…


Two more full length novels tell stand alone stories of Sebastian and Talia’s passionate adventures…

What readers/reviewers are saying about the series…

“…the perfect amount of mystery, suspense, and heart throbbing romance!”

“…If you’re OK with great sex along with your well written romance, this is the series for you! It has it all, great flawed characters who connect from the first moment, but who both crave AND fear that connection. Complicated, complex family relationships and histories that give them common ground, and a sizzling hot sexual connection make Black and Red’s story a wonderful read!

“…Lot’s of excitement, mystery, adventure and the most powerful characters!”

“She made me laugh, cry, gasp, and love. P.T. Michelle took me on a wonderful journey that had me hooked from beginning to end.”

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