4 1/2 Starred Review for Brightest Kind of Darkness!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a wonderful review that I just received for Brightest Kind of Darkness. This review is from Jess from the Romanceaholic blog. Here are a couple of snippets from Jess’s review:

Oh man oh man, I LURVED Ethan with a passion!  *fans self* Loner guy, muscle-y, tattooed, tortured, and utterly devoted to Nara. He’s definitely one of my favorite YA heroes at the moment!…

…Ethan was incredible while not falling into that “perfect guy” trap that so many romance heroes fall into. He’s tortured, has a bad temper, is hesitant to open up to Nara, and also has a tendency to be a bit high-handed.  However, he’s also completely devoted to Nara and her safety without being all creepy-stalkerish which is refreshing, and there’s also just enough mystery left about him that I’m dying to read the next one if it will hurry up and be released!

To read the full review, it’s posted here on Jess’s The Romanceaholic Blog.

Thanks so much to Jess for such a fantastic and in-depth review! I’m working on a novella that will fill the gap between books 1 and 2, so I’ll try not to make everyone wait too long for an Ethan fix. 🙂