Life imitating Art, er…well, in reverse

As a reader, I often wonder if parts of a book were culled from that author’s personal life, so I thought I’d share a fun factual tidbit from BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. The vast majority of what I write is completely made up, but every once in a blue moon, a sliver of something might make it into a story. It will usually be morphed and twisted from the original experience, but remnants still remain. 🙂

There’s a scene in BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS where Nara’s best friend Lainey pierces her ears. I didn’t have a grand aunt present during this experience (can you imagine an adult being involved? They’d say, “You’re going to the mall, STAT” LOL!), but YES, my best friend did pierce my ears just like this. *

* For the record, it’s easier and much faster to go to the mall. *g*