Scenic Sunday & New Reviews!

Thoughts I’d share a couple pics with you, and also for a little more fun, I’ve tied them into BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS.

Blue Ridge Mountains (Where Nara and Ethan live) – Photo Credit P.T. Michelle

Woods (Scene where Nara’s chased in woods near her school) – Photo credit: P.T. Michelle

College where Ethan and Nara research books for school project  (I didn’t take this photo)

And also, I wanted to share several reviews I recently received for BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. If you missed any past reviews, I’ve created a REVIEWS page for all of them.  A huge thank you to Kate, Kristen, Kaitin & Jenny, Mandy and Debbie for the wonderful reviews below!

4 1/2 Noms! “Brightest Kind of Darkness is definitely the kind of book that you want to curl up in bed with on a stormy winter night… or any night really. It doesn’t really matter, because either way, you’ll step away with a great feeling of: heart-warming fuzziness and an intriguing shock worthy end that you wont see coming…” Click here to read the entire review at Nomalicious Reads


4 Stars! “P.T. Michelle’s Brightest Kind of Darkness is a book that kept me guessing, the plot and characters were so original and beautifully written its taken a top spot in one of my favorite Young Adult story for this year…” Click here to read the entire review at Seeing Night Reviews


5 Clouds! “…Ethan and Nara’s blossoming romance was fantastic and it was easy to feel the angst they were feeling when they felt the odds were stacked against them. We do love a good romance in a story and we weren’t let down…” Click here to read the entire review on Books to the Sky


“…This book ranks in the top 10 of one of my favorite YA reads this summer, and I am excited for the next book. Truly entertaining and romantic!” Click here to read the entire review ~ Twimom101 Book Blog


5 Stars! “Brightest Kind of Darkness is one of the most fantastic thrill rides. A Paranormal Fantasy with suspense and mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat. Every time I thought I had figured out Ethan’s dark mystery, of who and what he is, P.T. Michelle threw me another awesome curve. Michelle definitely has a gift with pen and paper. When a storyline and characters can hold me and keep me reading all night, that author has given me the gift I’m looking for—romance in a story, and being able to escape into the fantasy world. Thank you, P.T. Michelle, for giving me that love and fantasy in Nara and Ethan’s story…”  Click here to read the rest of the review on I Heart YA Books