Writing Tips & More BKoD Reviews!

I thought I’d start posting writing tips. I’m going to try to make it once a week, though in the Future it’ll probably be on Thursdays.  Sometimes it’ll be something I’ve written. Other times it’ll be an awesome tip I found while surfing the web.  Whether you’re an aspiring author or a reader curious how I approach writing, I hope you enjoy them!

It has been a while since I’ve written one of my “visual” writing posts. I’ve written several under my other writing name so I’ll be bringing them over to this blog and adding new ones as time permits.  Why do I focus on the visual? For me, I learn and retain lessons best when I have a visual representation. So I thought I’d incorporate those in my blog.


Today’s post is about bringing your writing to life, coloring in those details in such a way so that readers can “picture” or “feel” the scene.

Check out this picture below (yes, this does relate to writing, promise. 😉 )

It’s a neat picture, right? Nice color. It has cool composition with the sun only hitting the tops of the trees, lighting them on fire while the tree trunks remain shrouded in dark shadows. Like it? Yeah, me too…LOL…since I took it. :wink:

But ya know, once I downloaded this picture to my computer screen, I was disappointed. Why? Because the colors looked washed out and dull compared to what I had seen while I was happily snapping away with my digital camera. What I saw was flashes of fire in the leaves, like nature had lit them ablaze. I loved the vivid stormy blue sky behind those fiery leaves and how it set such a stark and breathtaking contrast!

So what did I do once I downloaded it to my computer?

I went in and put the color back in…the way I’d “seen” in through the camera’s viewfinder.

And here is the result.

And what in the WORLD does ALL this have to do with writing, you ask…

Okay, here’s how you can apply this to writing.

Once you’ve written your scene, step back and read it. Think about the two pictures above. Think about how you reacted to each one. Consider how the first one was a fairly good picture all on its own, well, until you saw the next one. LOL!

The point is…you wrote a good scene. Now go back and make it better. Make it POP!

How do you do that?

If it’s an emotional scene, then take your characters’ emotions deeper. Really dig into your main characters’ internal conflicts and how that particular scene effects or changes the character’s perspective on things. Get in there and make the reader “feel” what the character does. Use those five senses, too!

If it’s a fight scene or an action scene, beyond the actual hand to hand “fight” actions or playing out of the action scene, make sure that you’ve done a thorough job employing the five senses here as well. I’m sure you’ve already shown us what your character sees, but what does your character hear? What does he/she smell? What does he/she feel?

Going back and adding in these additional layers will help make your scenes come alive, giving them that “extra” memorable impact and painting a vivid picture for your readers.



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HUGE thank yous to Donna, Rhi and Jessica for such wonderful reviews of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS and being so supportive!