Scenic Sunday – The Sky’s the Limit

Good vs Evil Clouds - P.T. Michelle

The cloud photo above was so unusual because the sun was just hitting the tops of the trees and that one patch of clouds. My kids and I were laughing about the dark vs light because of the extreme colors. We called this one “Good vs Evil” clouds.  Then one of my kids said, “Hey, do you see the dog going after the ball?”  And sure enough it’s there. Do you see it? 🙂

Celestial Heavens - P.T. Michelle

This was the rarest thing I have ever seen… a pitch black night sky with pink clouds. Somewhere behind the dark sky the “already set” sun was still bouncing off the clouds and the bright moon helped reflect the colors. It was 9pm at night when I took this photo. This picture makes me think of celestial heavens. 🙂

Also, I wanted to share three more new reviews I received for BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. I’ve posted a new page on my website where I’ve complied all the reviews HERE. The newest reviews will be marked with *NEW* beside them. Thanks so much to The Bookish Babes, The Bursting Bookshelf and Avery’s Book Nook for the awesome reviews!