Writing Tips ~ Understanding Your Voice/ New reviews/Contest


For a writer first staring out, I think understanding one’s own voice is kind of a strange concept to grasp. You’re trying so hard to wade your way through the mechanics of writing, your focus isn’t on what the heck your voice IS at that point in time. :) The reality of your voice is…it becomes more defined and distinctive the more you write.

I’ve read authors’ books where I really appreciated their writing style, it was so lyrical. But “voice” is more than just style of writing. It’s the whole package. The best way I can describe “voice” in all its intangible glory is as follows; Voice is what gives your dialogue its unique rhythm, your characters their distinctive pop, and your plot its layered depth.

Does having a specific “voice” mean you can only have one type of writing? I hope not! I’ve written serious tear-jerkers, humorous romps, and intense action-adventures. But I’ll bet one thing is true in all of these stories…my voice comes through, regardless. In other words, no matter the genre or focus of your story, your voice will circle back to that “unique rhythm, distinctive pop and layered depth” thing every time. At least, that’s how I see it.


Not just the same ole, same ole! “Have you ever picked up book after book after book (I could keep going on) and none of them were holding your attention because it was just the same ole same ole? Brightest Kind of Darkness, love the title by the way, was a book I picked up after becoming bored with reading and *hoping* it would fix the my lack of good reads…it did just that! Click here to read the entire review at The Reading Housewives of Indiana


Unique storyline and beautifully written “…Brightest Kind of Darkness is a wonderful start for a new series which isn’t easy to forget. Its unique storyline and the beautiful and easily flowing writing makes it possible to be sucked into a new world and I can’t wait to find out more about this.” Click here to read the entire review at Fictional Distraction.


“…Brightest Kind of Darkness was a really entertaining read full of original ideas. It wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly somewhere in my top reads of 2011. The reasons for this are many: the unique plot, the chemistry between Inara and Ethan, the solid characterizations and the writing itself…” Click here to read the entire review at Great Imaginations.


Definitely going on my list of FAVORITE kindle books! “…This story was scary, suspenseful and extremely romantic. I loved the growing relationship between Nara and Ethan and they way their gifts worked together. I did not put this book down until I was finished with it and wanted to start it all over again from the beginning. I highly recommend this author and I will be diligently looking out for the sequel.” Click here to read the entire review by The Book Runner


AMAZING BOOK!! “This book was so good on so many levels. The idea of it was so intriguing and even now I have so many questions! When I first started reading I was excited because even though Nara had some kind of supernatural ability there wasn’t any of that usual instant attraction stuff between her and Ethan. I loved how naturally their relationship progressed. They spent time together and built up a trusting friendship first, eventually leading to love. The love I felt as a reader from both of them was so obvious, and I adored how the author used such a natural evolution from friendship to what they now have. I can’t wait to read more about Nara and Ethan… together they make one heck of a pair and I’m so excited to find out what happens with Ethan!…” Click here to read the entire review by Sara Hulce


Tomorrow is the last day to enter the BOOK LOVERS INC contest to win an eBook copy of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS. 🙂