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Top 5 Indie Covers of 2011!

I’m honored that Haley of YA-Aholic included BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS in her Top 5 Indie Covers for 2011. Check it out!


“… Questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  That’s the theme of this book for me.  It had me asking lots and lots of questions.  Why?  Well, it’s because I didn’t have a clue where this book was going!  I read so much that I frequently can anticipate from every little clue that gets left among the pages.   Not this time and WOW was that a NICE experience.  It hasn’t happened for a very long time.  Now there were lots of clues and I kept trying to piece them together but it was a not go.  LOVED that about this book…”  Click here to read the entire review on Stuck in Books


Extremely Original “… from the tight character development, to the intriguing, well-done plot, to the compelling paranormal mystery, to the pulse-pounding romance, to the villain I never saw coming… Brightest Kind of Darkness encompasses everything I love in a good story and has earned a place on my favorites shelf.”  Click here to read the entire review at Refracted Light Reviews


“…Thanks to PT Michelle for concreting in me the knowledge that self published authors can be GREAT! Whether through personal choice or not……why hasn’t this been published by the bigwigs of the book world?  It would be well worth the investment.

PT has given us a paranormal book which is not focused on being a fae creature or the likes…..but of a mental talent…” Click here to read the entire review on Novels on the Run



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Stuck in Books!


Book Lovers’ Buffet – This special event runs from December 1 – January 15th!

Happy Holidays!

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