Brightest Kind of Darkness Series Update & New Reviews!


I’ve been getting lots of emails asking about the release date for the next book in the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series. I promise I’ll post on my blog, FB and Twitter when I have a release date for LUCID, BUT until then, I do have a date to give you…I’ll be revealing LUCID’s cover on February 1st!


“Steak and Potatoes. Meaty and Delicious and Wonderful!” Click here to read the entire review at Books Devoured


“…One of the best qualities of this book had to be that I wasn’t able to figure out all the mysteries until they were literally right there before me so that kept the plot and book much more interesting. This is definitely a series I will be willing to keep reading…” Click here to read the entire review at Nightly Reading


“…The plot is similar to the movie Final Destination but without all the ickyness and scare tactics. I thought that the author did a wonderful job of incorporating new elements into the whole debate of if you know something bad is going to happen should you stop it or let nature take it’s course. At one point I even questioned my own beliefs and that in my opinion makes the author a very talented woman as I am quite stubborn…” Click here to read the entire review on WinterHaven Books


YA Book of the Day recently re-featured BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS on her blog saying. “Dark, sexy, and captivating, this is a book I keep coming back to in my head!  I highly recommend BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS by P. T. Michelle to fans of paranormal romance. Bonus points for tortured boys.”


And Sarah posted a review for BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS on her blog Woot! My first review in German. I hope you’ll check it out. 🙂


In case you missed it, BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS released in PRINT in December!