Writing Tip ~ Using Text-to-Speech with Edits & Recent Reviews


An author friend suggested that I try the Text-to-Speech feature on my Kindle when it was time for me to do a read through on my current manuscript. She said she found it really helpful. I figured I’d give it a shot. When doing edits, I normally go through at least three rounds before my critique partners ever see the book. First round is on the computer, then second round is on paper and then the third round is on my Kindle (where I upload the file to my Kindle and read it there). Doing this allows me to see my manuscript in several different ways. You’d be surprised the things you can catch using different mediums while going through edits.

So, as my last round reading over my book on my Kindle, I also turned on the Text-To-Speech feature. Notice I said ALSO. What I mean by this is, I turn on the TTS AND I read the words along with the guy reading them to me. You’d be surprised how many little things your eyes just “slip over” BUT if you’re also hearing it at the same time, you tend to catch more things beyond general typos like: repetitive words, repetitive phrases and missing words. When I do this, I turn it on the fastest function and kind of speed read through it.  Hey, another added benefit…maybe I’ll learn to read faster. LOL!

Give this a try the next time you’re going through edits on your manuscript and see if it doesn’t help. I know I’ll ALWAYS use the TTS feature now.


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