Quick LUCID update

LUCID is off to my critique partners. Yay! Once I get their edits/comments back, I’ll have a better idea of timing of release. Stay tuned! It’s almost here. 🙂 I promise I’ll give a release date in plenty of time for anyone who wants to re-read BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS before LUCID releases.

As an FYI, I’m sure you all are wondering why it has taken a while to release LUCID. I also write under another pen name, so after I released BKoD  and before I could commit to writing on LUCID full-time, I edited and rewrote, then published 4 of my backlist books.  The good news is that for all the time I’ve spent on LUCID, you’ll get a big, juicy book! LUCID is longer than BKoD. 🙂

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