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The Bad in Boots series gets New Covers/Rebranding/New Release

Did you know that before I wrote my YA series BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS that I also wrote sexy romances under the name Patrice Michelle? I’ve decided to move my Patrice Michelle books under my P.T. Michelle website, twitter, facebook, and newsletter, and I’m re-branding these books a bit in order to cut down on all the duplicate work I’ve had to do in the past. It was crazy-making trying to keep up with both pen names. These books contain mature content and aren’t meant for those under 18. They will be labeled as such in the story description.

I’m excited to announce that my BAD IN BOOTS series is getting all new covers. With this new cover reveal, the first book, HARM’S HUNGER, has been expanded and is currently FREE. Note that HARM’S HUNGER is a novella and is meant as an introduction to the longer, novel-length books in the series. 

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 Bad in Boots
Harm’s Hunger
Patrice Michelle

 In order to meet her Great Aunt Sally’s will’s stipulation to “handle the sale personally,” Jena Hudson visits Texas to finalize the sale of her aunt’s ranch to her neighbor, Harmon Steele. What Jena didn’t expect was to fall for the rugged, sexy cowboy.

 Harm might find Jena to be the most sensual creature he’s ever met, but he won’t let her sultry body be more than a satisfying distraction. He learned a long time ago, happy-ever-afters are best left for childhood fantasies.

 So, what’s a girl to do when she finds out the man of her fantasies doesn’t believe in a happy ending? Given the right set of circumstances, she’ll create one for him.

 **This book is intended for mature audiences due to strong language and sexual content.**

 Note: HARM’S HUNGER is a ~ 33,000 novella. This is the first story in the hot and steamy BAD IN BOOTS series and meant as an introduction to the rest of the series. All the other books are novel length.

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* HARM’S HUNGER (Book 1) ~ Novella
* COLT’S CHOICE (Book 2) ~ Novel
* TY’S TEMPTATION (Book 3) ~ Novel
* JOSH’S JUSTICE (Book 4) ~ Novel


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