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AWAKEN is finally here!

AWAKEN is officially released on iBooks, B&N, Google Play and Kobo. It will be releasing on Amazon on 1/25 (or possibly after 8pm on 1/24, if Amazon goes by GMT time for releases. Check your Kindles!).


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I feel like my heart and soul went into the creation of AWAKEN, the last book in Ethan and Nara’s journey! This book is massive, 113K, and I hope you enjoy every single bit of it! 🙂

When you curl up with Ethan and Nara in AWAKEN…if you laugh, and cry and then cry some more, and if your heart feels torn and achy and about to burst, and you go through so many emotions you don’t think you can handle it anymore, then I did my job. If that’s how you felt reading AWAKEN, I hope’ll you’ll PLEASE go online and write a review for it in the online store where you bought it. Reviews are so very important for authors, because they really do help readers decide whether to pick up a series or not. And please tell your reader friends to check out there series. If you love the series, tell them why . 🙂 Nothing makes me happier than when friends buddy read my books together!

Okay, that was very long-winded but it was also heartfelt. THANK YOU for being the best readers an author could ever wish for.

Hugs to you all…and happy reading!

For those Kindle readers who are still waiting, here are a couple of teasers from the EPIC finale book in the BKoD series to tide you over. 🙂

If you have any reader friends you want to buddy read AWAKEN with you, get them quickly caught up by grabbing the box set of the first three books in the BKoD series for just $.99. Get it before it goes back up to $9.99!


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And a HUGE thank you goes out to Give Me Books and the 110+ bloggers who are participating in the AWAKEN book blitz on 1/25!  Thank you for helping spread some major Ethan and Nara love! <3


GOLD SHIMMER & STEEL RUSH are now available in AUDIO on Audible & Amazon! Grab up both books to listen to Cass and Calder’s epic love story as a treat for your vacation read. You won’t be disappointed with Lance Greenfield and Kirsten Leigh’s fabulous narration. They add a whole new layer of awesomeness to their story! 🙂 If you want to hear a sample of Lance and Kirsten narrating, you can click the images below for the sound cloud samples.

Buy links for both audios are below! 🙂
(GOLD SHIMMER is whispersynced, so if you already own the Kindle eBook, you can get the audio for just $1.99!)

Gold Shimmer Audio SampleClick the image to hear a sample with Kirsten Leigh narrating as Cass!
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GOLD SHIMMER is Whispersync ready

Steel Rush Audio Sample
Click the image to hear a sample with Lance Greenfield narrating Calder’s sexy, deep voice!
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Blackest Red now available in Audio!

The epic conclusion to Sebastian and Talia’s love story is now available in Audio! Click the image above to listen to Lee Samuels narrating Sebastian’s sexy deep voice! 🙂

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iBooks |AmazonAudible


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