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NOBLE BRIT is now available and readers are loving it!

NOBLE BRIT is now available. Grab it and see why readers are saying it’s the best book in the IN THE SHADOWS world.  Yes, this book can be read as a stand alone story!  Links below…

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What readers are saying about NOBLE BRIT…

5 Stars: 
Noble Brit is an excellent addition to the series or as a stand alone…Den & Mina make an exciting new couple to add to the family dynamic of the series. I highly recommend this book and the entire series…

5 Stars! : PT never fails : PT never fails to give us incredibly believable characters and storylines. EVERY one of her expertly written books just makes you hunger for the next!” 

5 Stars  : Brilliant Read :  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before reading this, but I can honestly say the months of waiting were well worth it!! 

5 Stars : Romance, intrigue and drama : I love this series and I love Den and Mina together. 

5 Stars: Spectacularly Beautiful : Noble Brit is book 9 of the In the Shadows series and is PTs best novel to date!!…A spectacularly beautiful novel with all the suspense and romance you need to keep you in a book trance. 

5 Stars: My favourite book so far! : Den and Mina’s story is by far my favorite of the entire In The Shadows Series! 

5 Stars: I have fallen in love with Den. This story is absolutely awesome! Keep them coming and please more Den and Mina!

5 Stars:
Great Book! I love how you see the tiny bits and pieces of Black and Red and their life. The relationship between the characters is just so amazing.

5 Stars: So worth the wait! I love how Den has found love…This book was so exciting! A well worth read. 

5 Stars – Prepare to fall in love. I need another Den and Mina story.

NOBLE BRIT releases on Tuesday, June 25th!

I’m so excited to share that NOBLE BRIT will be releasing on all retailers on Tuesday, June 25th. You can preorder now at Amazon, Apple, and B&N. More about NOBLE BRIT and preorder links below! Note: This book is a stand alone novel written in the IN THE SHADOWS world.

DETAILS about the book…

Hot Bodyguard
Single Mom
Younger woman/Older man 
Woman in jeopardy
Second Chance Romance
Did I mention the 🔥 Bodyguard???

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NOBLE BRIT’s Summary   (preorder links below)

Dennet Barasa. British. Former MI6. Bodyguard. Controlled and cool under pressure, he’s about to meet his match in a petite heiress, who will be his toughest assignment yet.

When I lost everything I ever cared about, guarding the Blake family became my life. I’ve spent years protecting the wealthy family like they were my own.

Until I was assigned Mina Blake.

Beautiful and intelligent, she’s infuriatingly stubborn as she challenges me. She’s also a delightful storm, tearing up the roadblocks around my heart faster than I can rebuild them.

But someone is after Mina, and as the danger closes in from all sides, I’m finding it harder to separate my head from my heart.

She is everything I thought I would never have in my life. And I will do whatever it takes to keep her forever.

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BLOOD ROSE is now AVAILABLE on all retailers!

Calder Blake lost everything: his mother, his father, his very identity. Until Cass, he didn’t believe he deserved to be a Blake, where family and loyalty always come first.

But what if Cass can’t give Calder what he needs to move on from his broken past?

Or worse, what if someone’s determined that Cass will never get a chance to become a Blake?

Dear Readers: BLOOD ROSE is a stand alone story, but if you haven’t read how Cass and Calder’s love story first started, you can do so through GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Not only do you get to take the journey with Cass and Calder, but you’ll also get to visit with Sebastian and Talia, since they play key roles in Cass and Calder’s story. 🙂


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“Emotional, intriguing, and very sexy this was a fabulous read.”

“P.T. Michelle has a home run with this book. Perfect blend of previous characters, new characters, suspense and a great dynamic…”

“This was a wild ride. Blood Rose was everything you could ask for in a romantic suspense read. You will laugh, you will cry, you will be on the edge of your seat, you will swoon. Ms. Michelle wrote a beautiful story that has the ability to take you places all in the space of one book.”

“P.T. Michelle did an amazing job, she’s a superstar when it comes to giving readers a rollercoaster of emotions…”

“What a storyteller…Mystery,love,betrayal,and death makes this love story truly Epic.”