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Ten Little Known Facts about BKoD and LUCID!

For those who didn’t get a chance to see the guest posts I did for the BKoD blog tour, I’ll be posting them here and on my FB page. I hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the BKoD world! 🙂

1) LUCID – 95% of LUCID was written in a B&N cafe.

2) LUCID – Ravens really do hold funerals for their dead.

3) LUCID – When I first began brainstorming LUCID’s storyline, I thought it would be a novella. Haha, it turned into a 100K (328 page) novel! Needless to say I added a LOT more depth to the story. 🙂

4) LUCID – Freddie/Erik and Cordelia are family names.
5) BKoD – My best friend pierced my ears the same way Lainey pierced Nara’s.
6) BKoD – Farmville REALLY is a town in Virginia. So is Barboursville.
7) BKoD – Nara and Ethan’s hometown is modeled after Charlottesville, Virginia.

8) BKoD/LUCID – Nara’s name is pronounced Nara (like car), and yes, her name came from the character Inara from Joss Whedon’s awesome show Firefly.

9) BKoD – The original working title of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS was FATE, which I decided to change to a title that had many layers of meaning related to the story.
10) BKoD – I was told that I should shelve BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS and write another book. I’m so glad I trusted my gut and didn’t give up on publishing it!

Brightest Kind of Darkness Blog Tour Winners!

And here are the winners of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS blog tour! Congratulations!! I’ve already emailed most of you. Just need a couple more to respond to claim your prizes, so check the list below and get in contact with Dani. Thank you all for participating in the tour. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts, where you learned a lot more about Ethan, Nara and the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS world, and where we also revealed the BKoD book trailer!

If you didn’t win, BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS is currently $0.99 (down from $2.99) and LUCID is  $3.99 (down from $4.99), so grab these two full-length novels for less than $5 while they’re on sale! 🙂



DeeDee G.  – Grand Prize Winner

Lauren M. – signed copy of BKoD

Crystal C. – signed copy of Lucid

Mamabunny – signed copy of BKoD


Deanna B. –  ebook
Rhonda L. –  ebook
Rachel Danae –  ebook
Allison P. –  ebook
Mona C. –  ebook
Lindy Teresa –  ebook
Kimberly S. –  ebook
Simina –  ebook
Kelly M.  –  ebook
Sara Viti –  ebook

And a huge thank you to Dani at RLR for hosting the blog tour and some of the prizes as well!

Brightest Kind of Darkness Book Trailer!

Hi everyone! In case you missed it during the blog tour, we shared the reveal of BKoD’s book trailer. Here ’tis!

Also, speaking of the blog tour…you’re still able to enter to win prizes for a little bit longer. Here’s the page with all the tour stops where you can 1) Learn more detail about the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS world and 2) Enter to win!

Good luck!