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AWAKEN update! It’s coming very soon! :)

I’ve never had a book take me so long to write, but AWAKEN has definitely done that! Truth time, there were a few threads I considered cutting so the book wouldn’t take as long to write, but Ethan and Nara (HUGS, I love these two!) deserve to have their full story told…including their families and all that entails, so I kept the threads and weaved them in. That means you’re getting a honking long book, which does take longer to write. It was supposed to come out tomorrow, but it’s not done. Argh, Ethan and Nara…they just have so much story in them! It IS coming soon. I just need to finish up the end, then edits. So you WILL get Ethan and Nara’s story this year, DEC 2016. FINALLY! Bare with me just a tad longer…unless you want me to leave it right here…



Fair warning, this book will tear at your heart quite a few times. AWAKEN is almost here!

Be sure to add AWAKEN to your Goodreads to read shelf! 🙂

Updates for Awaken and Black Platinum

Admitting that you’re not superwoman.

That’s hard. I hate admitting that 🙁 Unfortunately what makes me able to hyper focus on a story until I get it done–that in-the-zone mode–is also the same skill that keeps me from being able to work full throttle on two projects at once. Ask my husband…I’m a terrible multitasker. :/ I envy authors whose brains allow them to work on more than one story at a time!

AWAKEN is still slated for the end of October…it may slip to the beginning of November with edits, but that should be it.

BLACK PLATINUM is getting pushed back. I won’t short change Talia and Sebastian’s story just to rush it out in order to keep the current November 15th date. They deserve the best story I can give you. BLACK PLATINUM is outlined and started, so I hope it flies quickly as soon as I’m able to focus 100% of my time on it. Just like the promise I gave you for AWAKEN (that I wouldn’t release another story before I released the last BKoD book), once I’m knee deep into BLACK PLATINUM, no other stories will release until BLACK PLATINUM does.

So, new deadline…I’m going to be optimistic and keep BLACK PLATINUM in 2016, because I really want you all to have their story this year around mid-December. I’ll update you all with an official “day” release after AWAKEN is released and I know where I’m at. (the iBooks PreOrder for BLACK PLATINUM will be updated to reflect that mid-Dec date tomorrow). Please send me speedy typing vibes, peeps. I would love to type faster than I do!

I WILL be sharing BLACK PLATINUM’s cover on November 15th, so you’ll be getting something fun to look forward to on that day! 🙂

Thank you all for understanding!

Hugs <3


AWAKEN in October & Giveaway contest to win print book bundle!

My apologies that I didn’t post this on my blog/website too. I posted a video on FB if you want to see it here, but here’s what went out in my newsletter yesterday about AWAKEN’s upcoming release…


AWAKEN (the last BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS book) IS coming in October! The move back to the US from France and other unforeseen circumstances has delayed me but it IS coming!  As a fun thank you to readers who’ve been patient for 2 years waiting for AWAKEN’s release…for every three days past Sept 30th, I will be giving away a full set of the BKoD series in print (up through the books currently available today (includes: Ethan, BKoD, Lucid, Destiny and Desire) until I give a new release date for AWAKEN. It should be in October.

** The giveaway print BKoD bundle will be the original covers **

UPCOMING GIVEAWAY (for BKoD series print bundle)

Starting October 3rd, I’ll be giving away a whole set of the BKoD books in print (up through Desire) to one lucky winner. This giveaway will be hosted on Facebook. If you haven’t LIKED me there, please do so you don’t miss out on the giveaways. 🙂 Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/PTMichelleAuthor. I’ll do another giveaway on October 6th and another on October 9th until I give you all a release date for AWAKEN. Of the sets I give away, ONE of those BKoD sets will be given away on the next newsletter I send out, so be sure to join my newsletter if you’re not already on it and open my newsletters and check to see if you won!