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DESIRE Book Blitz and Giveaway ~ $60 Worth of Amazon Giftcards!

Hi everyone!

Book Blitz

To celebrate the last week of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series sale (after May 12th, all the prices will go back up), DESIRE is going on a Book Blitz with 45 blogs from May 7-10. Excerpt/Teaser pics, a playlist and a brand new teaser will be part of the tour, along with an opportunity to enter for a chance to win: 1 $30 Amazon.com giftcard, 1 $20 Amazon.com giftcard and 1 $10 Amazon.com giftcard. A total of three gift card prizes will be given.

I hope you’ll spread the word about the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series sale and the blitz!

To enter the rafflecopter for the Amazon.com gift cards (there’s ONE form for all the participating blogs), click on one of blogs’ links (see list below) to see who’s participating in the blitz tour. Each of the blogs will feature a teaser and some will feature the rafflecopter where you can enter.


Series Sale

BLOGS FEATURED IN THE DESIRE BOOK BLITZ. You can check them out based on the dates to the right to find a rafflecopter to enter for the Amazon giftcards.

Blogs participating in the DESIRE Book Blitz Date Blog will post DESIRE’s Book Blitz info
www.djsbookcorner.com May 10th
www.lekeishathebooknerd.wordpress.com May 9th
http://thoughtsatoneinthemorning.blogspot.com May 9th
http://thecaffeinateddivareads.multifacetedmama.com/ May 8th
http://cbybookclub.blogspot.co.uk/ May 8th
http://tomegnomes.blogspot.com/ May 8th
http://girlswithbook.blogspot.com/?m=1 May 8th
http://beckymmoe.com May 8th
https://www.facebook.com/THEBOOKFAIRY1 May 7th
http://piecesofwhimsy.blogspot.com.au/ May 8th
http://authorsyouwanttoread.wordpress.com May 10th
http://suchanovelidea.com May 7th
http://momwithakindle.blogspot.com May 7th
http://bookloverslife.blogspot.ie/ May 7th
http://gopaintbrush.blogspot.com/ May 7th
http://chelseasreadingadventures.blogspot.com/ May 10th
http://mythicalbooks.blogspot.ro/ May 7th
http://tometender.blogspot.com May 10th
http://mostlyreviews.blogspot.com/ May 10th
http://missbookeater.wordpress.com/ May 8th
http://dianes-book.blogspot.com/ May 9th
http://lifesunfilteredramblings.wordpress.com/ May 7th
http://sarityahalomi.blogspot.com/ May 7th
www.theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub.blogspot.com May 7th
http://bibliophilemystery.blogspot.ro/ May 9th
http://turnersantics.wordpress.com May 8th
http://addictreaders.blogspot.com/ May 7th
http://Mismatchedbookends.Blogspot.com May 9th
http://www.bookliaison.net May 8th
www.thephantomparagrapher.blogspot.com ANY
forwhomthebookstoll.blogspot.com May 9th
http://www.ladybugliterature.blogspot.com May 10th
www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com May 10th
http://chucklesbookcave.blogspot.co.uk/ May 8th
http://christinaow.wordpress.com/ May 8th
http://beccaannesbookreviews.blogspot.com May 7th
http://simplisticreviews.com May 7th
http://ginsbooknotes.com May 8th
http://mybookaddiction.com May 8th
http://www.corriethebookcrazedgirl.com/ May 7th
www.mereadalot.net May 10th
http://www.hangingoneveryword.co.uk May 8th
isatjung.blogspot.com May 7th
http://adreamwithindream.blogspot.com May 7th

DESIRE Giveaway Winners!

**WINNERS of the DESIRE Giveaway Announced!**

And the winners of the DESIRE Giveaway contest are…

Entry #4073 Chloe B. ~ Corvus Medallion zip-up electronic case
Entry #6950 CJ S. ~ Desire in print
Entry #4435 Terry L. ~ Ethan Tattoo T-shirt
Entry #2818 Maria M. ~ Corvus Crew T-shirt
Entry #2052 Rose W. ~ Destiny in print
Entry #4750 Cherry M. ~ $50 Amazon giftcard
Entry #6430 Shana B. ~ Desire and Destiny print set

Congrats! I will be emailing the winners individually over the next few days ( I have family in town visiting) to get your mailing addresses. If you don’t hear from me by Friday, email me at ptATptmichelleDOTcom (replacing the AT and DOT with @ and .  🙂 )

Thank you to everyone for participating. This was a very fun contest.

P.T. Michelle

Answering a couple questions (Q&A)

I posted this on my Facebook page, which is where I’m the most active with my readers if you care to join us…

I wanted to address a couple of questions I’ve seen about DESIRE’s length. Yes, DESIRE is shorter. I stated that up front (on my FB page) when I was about to publish DESIRE. Please keep in mind that most Young Adult (YA) books are 60-80K words. My BKoD books have been long, running from 93-123K. That is VERY RARE in most YA or even NA (New Adult) books. I had no intention of DESIRE being more than a novella length (35K words max) when I first started it. As I’d initially planned it, DESIRE was supposed to be an aside to the main story, since it was going to be more about Nara and her family and Ethan and his family. But the story took on a life of its own, and before I knew it, DESIRE turned out to be almost 65K** and WAY more than an aside story.  I added so much more to the development of Ethan and Nara in DESIRE, things that fundamentally tie back into the main story arc.  **As a FYI, 65K is considered novel length by industry standards.

In a follow up question on the thread, I posted this about book 5.

Here’s the long answer about book 5. I don’t plan to write another honking doorstop book like DESTINY. 128K is too long and becomes unwieldy to edit and dangerous in Microsoft Word, due to instability issues with files larger than 120K. I know, I had it happen with my book A TASTE FOR CONTROL years ago; ATFC’s file data got corrupted and it was a nightmare to fix. I would’ve split DESTINY if I could’ve found a natural place to split it, but I couldn’t, so I left the length.

If book 5 turns out to be 110-120K, I can deal with that length. But if book 5 is going to run over 130K I will consider splitting the book into two parts, and instead of one more book, the last “book” will come out in parts I and II. There’s a lot of story left to tell…so we shall see.  🙂

As for more books…after that. I’ll see how things pan out after this last leg of Ethan and Nara’s journey.

Thank you all for loving ETHAN and NARA, for cheering for them and telling others about their epic journey. I hope you’ll continue on their path with them.