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LUCID Teaser Quote, Contest, Vote for BKoD & Reviews!


I’m counting down the days until LUCID’s release! TWELVE more days! Did you see the Quote from LUCID I posted on my PT Michelle Facebook Page? No? I posted the teaser quote on June 22. Check it out and please LIKE me so you don’t miss any other teasers! 🙂


Froggy has posted an awesome review of BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS on her Froggarita Bookcase blog. For anyone who hasn’t read BKoD and would like to, there’s a chance to enter to win an eBook copy as well. If you’ve read BKoD, tell your friends to enter!


Also, BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS is nominated for INDIEpendence Day-A Celebration of Indie Authors.  Vote for your favorite Indie books from 7/2-5! Please, help put BKoD in the running! 🙂


“…I loved this book! I loved how the plot just flowed so nicely throughout the whole book.  I loved the characters Nara and Ethan…I totally ship them now. They have chemistry and the relationship between then grew at a good believable rate that wasn’t rushed or forced along. You will totally fall for Ethan once you read this book!” Click here to read the entire review at Froggarita’s Bookcase.


“…So yeah.. I read this book in about 8 hours. It wouldn’t have taken so long but I’m pretty easily distracted. However, I did keep coming back to this book because I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted more with each turn of the page (or swipe of the finger.. whatever)…” Click here to read the entire review at I’m a Book Shark


“…This book kept me anticipating each chapter and wanting to know what happened that when I finished I was at a loss for words hoping that P. T. Michelle had a sequel in the works…” Click here to read the entire review at Me, My Shelf & I


“…an entertaining read; if you love suspense and romance this is the book for you…” Click here to read the entire review on Dark Faerie Tales.