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Hot Alpha SEALs/MISTER BLACK is an International Best Seller!

Hot Alpha SEALs: Military Romance Megaset (12 NY Times/USA Today/Bestselling authors in one anthology) ~ On Sale for $.99! Limited time Only!

HotAlphaSeals_3DBundle20012 NY Times, USA Today, and Bestselling authors have come together for a 12 book collection of HOT ALPHA SEALs: Military Romance Megaset

NOTE: This Megaset includes my story MISTER BLACK. If you haven’t grabbed up a copy of MISTER BLACK yet, now’s the chance to get it AND 11 other fabulous stories for just $.99!

This Megaset is only going to be at the special $.99 price for a limited time, so grab it while you can!

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Mister BlackMISTER BLACK hit #2 in the Amazon.ca KIndle store overall! And it hit number #1 in both Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance categories! Go SEBASTIAN! :)

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MISTER BLACK is just $.99! Grab it at this low price if you want to collect all the books in the IN THE SHADOW series.

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Scarlett Red

IN THE SHADOWS Book 2, SCARLETT RED, due out Summer 2014
Release date to be announced when I get closer. :)

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The teaser below is from a FB post I made, but I thought I’d share it here as well to give you a sneak peek into SCARLETT/RED.

I was tagged with this request…
The rules are simple. Post the first sentence for the first 3 chapters in your WIP to your wall and tag other writer friends, making sure to tag the person who sent the request to you.

This is from SCARLETT RED (follow up to MISTER BLACK)

First Chapter – Mom yells for me to get the phone from her nightstand, her voice higher pitched than usual as it echoes down the hall.

Second Chapter – “Really Talia, I think this event at the Hawthorne resort will do you a world of good.”

Third Chapter – “What level panty-obliterating gaze does the pilot have?” Cass breathes heavily into the phone. “Is it disintegrate-at-first-glance level or slowly-melt-away-with-prolonged-heated-stare level?” <—Haha, two sentences because I had to keep the context going. :)


DESIRE Book Blitz and Giveaway ~ $60 Worth of Amazon Giftcards!

Hi everyone!

Book Blitz

To celebrate the last week of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series sale (after May 12th, all the prices will go back up), DESIRE is going on a Book Blitz with 45 blogs from May 7-10. Excerpt/Teaser pics, a playlist and a brand new teaser will be part of the tour, along with an opportunity to enter for a chance to win: 1 $30 Amazon.com giftcard, 1 $20 Amazon.com giftcard and 1 $10 Amazon.com giftcard. A total of three gift card prizes will be given.

I hope you’ll spread the word about the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series sale and the blitz!

To enter the rafflecopter for the Amazon.com gift cards (there’s ONE form for all the participating blogs), click on one of blogs’ links (see list below) to see who’s participating in the blitz tour. Each of the blogs will feature a teaser and some will feature the rafflecopter where you can enter.


Series Sale

BLOGS FEATURED IN THE DESIRE BOOK BLITZ. You can check them out based on the dates to the right to find a rafflecopter to enter for the Amazon giftcards.

Blogs participating in the DESIRE Book Blitz Date Blog will post DESIRE’s Book Blitz info
www.djsbookcorner.com May 10th
www.lekeishathebooknerd.wordpress.com May 9th
http://thoughtsatoneinthemorning.blogspot.com May 9th
http://thecaffeinateddivareads.multifacetedmama.com/ May 8th
http://cbybookclub.blogspot.co.uk/ May 8th
http://tomegnomes.blogspot.com/ May 8th
http://girlswithbook.blogspot.com/?m=1 May 8th
http://beckymmoe.com May 8th
https://www.facebook.com/THEBOOKFAIRY1 May 7th
http://piecesofwhimsy.blogspot.com.au/ May 8th
http://authorsyouwanttoread.wordpress.com May 10th
http://suchanovelidea.com May 7th
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http://gopaintbrush.blogspot.com/ May 7th
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http://www.hangingoneveryword.co.uk May 8th
isatjung.blogspot.com May 7th
http://adreamwithindream.blogspot.com May 7th

DESIRE is now available & HUGE Sale and Celebration Giveaway!

DESIRE is LIVE on Amazon and B&N!

Desire 400x640_72DESIRE (BKoD, Book 4)

Now that Nara and Ethan are working together to uncover the Corvus’ secrets, they’re confident nothing can stop them.

But while they’ve learned to anticipate dark outside forces gunning for them, neither is prepared for the insidious evil that slithers its way into their lives, nor the new challenges that surface so close to home.

Despite all the chaos and turmoil around them, the one constant they can depend on is their devotion and loyalty to each other. But as their relationship moves into deeper territory, sometimes the toughest battles are the ones waged within.

While the hunt for answers unravels more layers in the Corvus world, they also uncover new truths about themselves and their intricate connection to the powerful raven spirit.

When boundaries are suddenly redrawn and control shifts, Ethan and Nara will be forced to make choices that could bring them closer together or rip them apart forever.

Note: DESIRE is the 4th book in the Brightest Kind of Darkness series. It is recommended that you read the previous books before reading this book. DESIRE isn’t the last book in the Brightest Kind of Darkness series. There will be one more book. DESIRE is best read by readers 16 years and up.

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I’m having a huge SALE on the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series of books to Celebrate DESIRE’s release. If you love the BKoD series, PLEASE grab this graphic and share if far and wide on your FB pages, on your blogs. Anywhere and everywhere, please share!


AND on top of the HUGE sale, I’m also having a HUGE Giveaway of FUN BKoD Swag! See the rafflecopter entry form below the graphic with all the goodies!


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