Mister Black’s Playlist

MisterBlackI know a lot of authors write to music. I’m not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I find music very inspirational, but I also see it as another form of story-telling, so I get too distracted by the musician’s story in the lyrics to play it while I’m writing. When I hear a song that fits a story I’m working on, I add it to my playlist that I’m compiling.  And once the story is completed, I go back to the playlist and start searching for more songs that fit the scenes I’ve written. When I’m done, I re-order the songs in the playlist by the scenes they represent as the story flows.

My process for playlists might be backwards from what you’ve seen other authors do, but it works for me. Once the book releases and readers have had a chance to read it, I’ll post the playlist and let them see if they can identify what scenes the songs are supposed to represent. Then later, I’ll post the breakdown of which songs go with which scenes. I feel doing it this way helps pull everyone into the story together so we can further discuss the music, setting and scenes and how they all flow together. It’s always a fun, interactive discussion.

I hope you’ll check out MISTER BLACK and then come back to this playlist once you’ve read the story. I’ll be sharing the break down of the songs to scenes on my PTMichelleAuthor Facebook page with my readers, so feel free to pop by and see if your idea of where you think the songs fit the scenes match how I imagined them to.

Wondering about SCARLETT RED’s release date? Due to my step-father’s passing and attending the funeral in the U.S., it looks like SCARLETT RED’s Sept 1st release date will be pushed back a couple weeks. As soon as I have my edits back, I’ll be able to give a definitive release date. Stay tuned and thank you for loving Sebastian and Talia’s story!