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AWAKEN and BLACK PLATINUM release schedules

AWAKEN and BLACK PLATINUM release updates…


ALMOST DONE! Woot!! If you’ve been following me on FB you’ve seen the daily word count I’ve been cranking out on AWAKEN. I’m ONE scene away from finishing Ethan & Nara’s final book (it’s well over 100K). I do have edits, which usually go quickly, but with iBooks’ holiday shut down for uploading books starting today and going thru 1/8/17 and Kobo closing for uploads early too, I can’t release a book on some retailers and not others. Oh man, the emails I would get from unhappy readers if they couldn’t get the book on their retailer of choice!

All this means that AWAKEN’s release is out of my control until later in January. So I’ll be setting AWAKEN’s release on ALL retailers to go live on 1/24/17. I will share PREORDER links for each retailer as they become available.


<— Did you miss the cover reveal! 🙂

Now that AWAKEN will release in January, I won’t be releasing BLACK PLATINUM in the same month. A ton of work goes into releasing a book once it’s ready to be published. I’m a one-woman show. No assistant. It’s just me doing all the work that a publisher would normally do for an author. Since AWAKEN is releasing in January, BLACK PLATINUM will release February (2/28/17).

STEEL RUSH PreOrder Links, Teasers, Excerpt

SteelRushCoverSTEEL RUSH Releases January 26 – TWO DAYS!

What kind of story is it?

 I mentioned this on my FB page about STEEL RUSH and thought I would share it here too. 

I had a goal with STEEL RUSH. I wanted to write a story that knocks you in the gut and breaks your brain. I’ve never bawled while writing a scene before. Sure I’ve gotten teary, but I’ve never cried enough to need tissues. I did with STEEL RUSH. I’m proud of how it turned out…I feel like I met my goal! Not only is it hot, but it’s a complex story. You’ll need both your head and heart for this one! So get ready!

I really really hope you all love Calder and Cass’s story just as much as you do Sebastian and Talia’s and that once you read it, you say…”That was SO worth the wait!”

And if you love it, please post a review in the on-line store where you bought it and tell your reader friends to check out the series. 🙂

Here’s what my Beta readers had to say about STEEL RUSH!

Joey B – “OMG, the feels. I cried!!! And I had to fan myself MANY times. I laughed out loud. And my heart just melted. Many, many, many feels.”

Amy B – “I really loved Cass and Calder’s story…I flew through the last 40 pages so fast because I NEEDED to know what was going to happen!”

Magen C – “Steel Rush is beyond a doubt an emotional, devastating, raw, and sizzling read filled with a thrilling and mysterious plot.”

And FYI, if you miss Sebastian and Talia, you’ll get some great snippets of their life as well in STEEL RUSH, since they play big roles in Cass and Calder’s story. 


STEEL RUSH is the second book in the BLACK SHADOWS duet and the explosive conclusion to Cass and Calder’s love story. You must read GOLD SHIMMER before reading STEEL RUSH. Be sure to grab up GOLD SHIMMER for just $.99 while it’s on this short time SALE!


Cass has spent years trying to forget her past. But the thing about pasts…they always come back around, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. When Celeste goes missing, Cass discovers how intricately entangled her past and present are with Celeste’s, making it impossible to walk away.

In an effort to ignore his own painful history, Calder challenges a corrupt underground MMA organization, but his mission gets sidelined when Cass’s life becomes endangered.

The passion simmering between Calder and Cass tempts them to share their darkest secrets, but can their trust in each other help them unravel the mystery surrounding Celeste? Can they eliminate the threat to Cass before the past overshadows the present and destroys their intense connection?

Note: STEEL RUSH is meant for readers 18+ due to mature content. This is the second book in the BLACK SHADOWS duet, Cass and Calder’s love story. The first book, GOLD SHIMMER, must be read before STEEL RUSH. The BLACK SHADOWS duet (books 4 and 5) can be read as a stand alone story or as part of the IN THE SHADOWS series. 

STEEL RUSH PreOrder Links
(The $3.99 USD price is a discounted price. The book’s cost will go up after it releases.)

iBooks | B&N | Amazon | Google Play | Kobo

Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

Add STEEL RUSH to your Goodreads shelf





Exclusive STEEL RUSH excerpt on iBooks

Want to know what that teaser graphic above is referencing? Here’s a sneak peek of the exclusive excerpt that’s on iBooks. If you want to keep reading the entire excerpt, click the link at the bottom and then once you’re on iBooks, click the GET SAMPLE button!


The light sheen of sweat coating his hard chest makes the Celtic tribal tattoo running across his muscular left shoulder and along his chiseled abs stand out against his skin. I don’t get to admire his physique long before he turns to me with a stoic expression. 

As he faces me full on, his green gaze still sharp with anger, I’m temporarily speechless. Seeking common ground, my gaze is drawn to the Latin word Solus along his rib cage. He told me it meant ‘alone,’ but he never explained why he had it tattooed on his body. 


My brain finally engages as the intense song playing on his phone registers. Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer.” He’s definitely in a mood. I clear my throat, but my voice sounds strained when I speak. “I tried to text you a number but my phone died. I thought you’d like to have it now so maybe Elijah could start working on it for you.”

“Who’s number?”

“Brent’s. I memorized it from Beth’s phone.”

Other than a spark of interest in his eyes, Calder doesn’t let anything show as he gestures toward the desk. “There’s a pen and paper.” 

I’m surprised he doesn’t ask anything else, but instead walks away to lower himself to the floor near the end of his bed. I watch him effortlessly do ten push-ups before I glance away. 

Taking the hint he’s not in the mood to talk, I jot down Brent’s number. Just as I reach for the door handle to leave, Calder’s cold voice sends a chill of apprehension through my body. “You don’t have anything else to say?”

I slowly turn and he’s standing near the bed, muscular arms crossed over his chest, his expression dark and brooding.

When I don’t answer right away, he snaps. “Ben.”

Trying to ease the tightness in my shoulders, I spread my hands and exhale. “What am I supposed to do? Ben thinks I’m Celeste, and Gregory and Phillip insisted that no one else know the truth. Maybe they’re worried Ben and Jake won’t be able to keep Celeste’s disappearance to themselves. I don’t know.” When Calder’s expression turns darker, I sigh and lower my hands back to my side. “He’s being attentive, not overly aggressive, Calder. It’s not the best situation, but holding my hand is pretty innocent and tame.”

At the same time the song comes to its crashing one-word ending, Calder strides forward aggressively. The intense look on his face has me instinctively backing up, but the moment my shoulder blades touch the door, he stops. Resting his hand on the solid wood above me, he steps into my personal space. “Do you think standing close like this is innocent?”

Want to read the rest of the excerpt? Click here.

Or if you’re already hooked, go ahead and PreOrder!

STEEL RUSH PreOrder Links:

iBooks | B&N | Amazon | Google Play | Kobo

Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU


 Another STEEL RUSH Teaser

Because I want you good and convinced you’re going to LOVE this story! *g*

More teasers are posted on my FB page.

A Big THANK YOU to the Bloggers for the BLACKEST RED Blitz

ThankYouBloggersI just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers who are participating in today’s (this week’s) BLACKEST RED Release Day Blitz! I appreciate you all so much. Please take the time to give their pages a LIKE while you’re on their blogs checking out more BLACKEST RED teasers AND entering to win the $30 Amazon gift card giveaway! 🙂 BLACKESTREDCover400x600

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