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REDDEST BLACK is now available and readers are loving it!

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Passion, betrayal, and heartache collide in an emotionally charged and dangerous chain of events that could unravel everything Sebastian and Talia have worked to overcome.

While looking forward to a bright future with the upcoming birth of their child, and navigating the often humorous and overbearingly protective aspects of approaching parenthood, Mister Black and Little Red manage to strengthen their passionate connection.

But connections can be severed in the most insidious ways, and the power couple must learn to trust each other’s instincts if they hope to uncover the threat determined to destroy their family.

Author’s Note: REDDEST BLACK can be read as a standalone story, but for the richest reading experience you can always start with the first book, MISTER BLACK, to see how Sebastian and Talia’s epic love story began.

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“…What super fanfreakingtastic read. So delicious and action packed. Full love, loyalty and drama.”

“I loved LOVED this book…Such a rollercoaster of emotions, I cried a lot and laughed out loud”

“The author is amazing at bringing out all the feels, and putting into words those emotionally epic feelings.”

“I just love this series. Little Red and Mr. Black sizzle as always. Their relationship is so hot. Love his overprotective ways with Little Red.”

“…an engaging action and suspense filled storyline with often amusing dialogue, it’s a heartwarming story with memorable characters whose love knows no bounds and conquers whatever darkness comes its way.”

“Reddest Black is the perfect combination of page turning angst and humor. PT Michelle makes the reader fall in love with Sebastian and Talia all over again.”

 “This had me crying and then laughing and if a author can do that!!! She has nailed it!! The emotional roller-coaster and the mystery in this book had me on the edge and I LOVE IT!!!”