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MISTER BLACK Reviews…they love Sebastian! :)

I’m so happy that readers and bloggers are loving Sebastian Quinn (aka MISTER BLACK)! Here are a few review snippets from the great reviews! 🙂

Mister BlackTop 100 Best Seller
International Best Seller
#2 Amazon.ca Kindle overall
#1 Best Seller in Contemporary Romance Kindle Amazon.ca
#1 Best Seller in Romantic Suspense Kindle Amazon.ca

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What reviewers are saying…


“…This fast paced, knee-buckling first installment of the In the Shadows series will whip you into submission and have you begging for more before the last page. Ladies, if you loved Christian Grey, you will COVET Mr. Black…” ~ Mel, Erin & Regina Read a Lot*

“…Mister Black, aka Sebastian Quinn is hot! I mean sizzling, panties melting hot! This story is a must read and I can’t wait to read the rest of the In The Shadows series…” ~ Riverina Romantics*

“…Mister Black is busting with intense sexiness–and I loved that!…I’m hooked! The pacing was wonderful, as was the buildup of the plot and story, and I was pulled in the moment I started it...” ~ Corrie The Book Crazed Girl*

“…The author’s ability to describe her protagonist’s personalities is without a doubt, fan-bloody-tastic! The storyline is faultless, the cliffy is brilliant…Bravo, Ms. Michelle…” ~ Kindle Friends Forever*

“…Sebastian is an alpha male who knows what he wants and often gets it…I can’t wait to read more!..” ~ Kelly’s Kindle Konfessions*

“…Holy hell! I want more! I absolutely loved Mister Black and I cannot express how much I did! It has one sexy, dark, mysterious guy that I can’t get enough of. He is protective, but domineering and even made my girl parts quiver with his commanding tone! I hope the next book comes out soon!…” ~ Naomi’s Paranormal Palace*

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Teasers for MISTER BLACK…

red corset




Teaser quote from DESTINY, teaser artwork, Ethan Spotlight & BKoD’s latest review!

I shared a teaser quote from DESTINY (BKoD, Book 3) and a teaser piece of artwork for a special project on my PTMichelleAuthor Facebook page here. I hope you’ll LIKE my page while you’re there so you don’t miss out on fun stuff I share on there as it happens. 🙂 Have you signed up for my newsletter? You can sign up here so you don’t miss out when DESTINY releases!

ETHAN got to step into the Kindleboards’ Spotlight today here!

And BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS recently received an awesome review from My Keeper Shelf  Here’s a brief quote from Rebecca’s 5 Star review!

“…I don’t really do rave reviews but this one just has to be one. If I could give it more than 5 stars, I definitely would. I even raved about it a few times on Twitter!…”  Click here to read the entire review at My Keeper Shelf

When should you read ETHAN?

ETHANWhen I wrote ETHAN (the novella prequel to BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS) it was with the intention of creating a story that would provide some new information to readers who’ve already read BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS (book 1) and LUCID (book 2), yet at the same time this novella wouldn’t give any spoilers away to those who are new to the series. I tried very hard to accomplish that, which turned out to be quite the challenge. Do you have any idea how hard it is to write a prequel to a series full of mystery elements and NOT give things away for the books that already exist? *blinks with wide eyes* It ain’t easy-peasy, lemme tell ya! 🙂

For those of you who’ve already read BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS and LUCID, you’re probably wondering if you should bother to read ETHAN (prequel novella to BKoD).  First, ETHAN’s entirely in Ethan’s P.O.V. <–Definite bonus! Second, did you know music plays a role in Ethan’s life? Do you know the real reason why Ethan doesn’t carry a cell phone? Did you know Ethan was involved in Nara’s life way before they actually met in BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS? You’ll learn all that and much more in ETHAN, so yeah, I’d say it’s worth a read, especially since it will help lead you into the things that’ll happen in DESTINY.

P.S. ETHAN will pull at the heartstrings. Grab a tissue. 🙂

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If you’re a fan of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series, I think you’ll love ETHAN, and if you haven’t read any of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS books, what are you waiting for? *g*  But since I’m a wee bit biased on anything pertaining to Ethan, here’s a sampling of some ETHAN reviews to help you decide…

















Many thanks to the readers and bloggers who’ve been so supportive of the BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series!

Can’t get enough BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS series info? Here are a few more series EXTRAs:

Extra #1: Would you like to know what really happened the day Ethan saved Nara’s life on the soccer field in BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS? To read Chapter 22 from ETHAN’s point of view? Go here and check it out!

Extra #2: Here’s a scene from when Nara was a child. If you haven’t read BKoD & LUCID, read them first, then check out the scene called UNFORESEEN here!

Extra #3: Click here for playlists and interviews!

Happy Reading!

~ P.T.