MISTER BLACK is now available, Update on BKoD#5


MISTER BLACK: A Billionaire SEAL Story (In the Shadows, Part 1)

A New Adult/Contemporary Thriller/Mystery Romance Serial
Meant for readers 18+

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IN THE SHADOWS Book 2, SCARLETT RED, is due out Summer 2014
What Readers Are Saying about MISTER BLACK…


“…Hot…damn. This book provided the perfect combination of sizzling, sweet and mysterious. I was immediately hooked from the first page! “

“…The romance and heat rivals that of “Fifty Shades of Gray,” and left me wanting more. The characters are utterly captivating. I love the dark past that Talia has to overcome and I am so drawn to tough, edgy “bad boys” with deep and caring hearts. Sebastian is certainly that!…”

“…I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had a great mix of mystery, suspense, and of course, off-the-charts steaminess!…”

“…Wow this book is better than 50 shade of gray. Love it !!!! Can’t wait to see what happen next!…”

“…Mister Black is busting with intense sexiness–and I loved that! …I’m hooked! The pacing was wonderful, as was the buildup of the plot and story, and I was pulled in the moment I started it…”

“…The chemistry between Talia and Mister Black (aka Sebastian) jumps off of the page. He is demanding and dominant, with a air of mystery about him, that leaves you wanting to know more…”


MISTER BLACK’s print cover

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The title of BKoD book five! Note this is not the cover below. It’s just a temporary cover to reveal the title.

BKoD #5 Update

I’m sharing a Q&A I had with a reader on my FB page about BKoD #5 below:


Dawn asked: What happened to BKoD? I’m also wondering whats the the sense in starting a new series before you finish the other one? I don’t want to be mean i’m just a little upset

I’ve promised that the last BKoD book is coming in 2014. That hasn’t changed. Sometimes the muse needs a break. I’ve been going full out on BKoD since 2011, producing FIVE stories (while also editing and rewriting TEN other Patrice Michelle books in between). I’ve already planned out the rest of the last BKoD book, but to do it justice I need to step back from it for a bit and refill the well. I don’t want to phone in the last book. It’s too important to me…and to Nara and Ethan.

If you look up your other favorite authors, they’re working on several series at once. I’m not the only one. And yes, it’s true you might not like contemporary or you might not like paranormal, or you might not like the smexy or you might not like YA/New Adult, BUT my voice is always there, my plots and twists you didn’t see coming…always there. My ultimate hope is that you’re reading ME, the author, not just one series of books by me.


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Please Note: When I release any new books based on my past series, i.e., BAD IN BOOTS, KENDRIAN VAMPIRES, or SCIONS, at that point I’ll re-band all the books under P.T. Michelle as well. Right now, you’ll find those books listed under Patrice Michelle.


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