BLACK PLATINUM Update…more Sebastian & Talia! :)


When your book’s outline and the book you’re writing don’t match…It’s growing like kudzu, peeps! And yes, I was brainstorming so fast I started putting stickies on my wall. Shhh, don’t tell my hubby! #sogladhenevergoesinmyoffice

The good news is there will be a bigger story in BLACK PLATINUM than I had originally planned. But that means that I need to add more to BLACK PLATINUM which will segue into another book, because one storyline leads into the other. These books will be full length novels, don’t worry! They’ll just have a connecting thread.

But that does mean that I’m pushing out the release date of BLACK PLATINUM to late Early May. And you’ll learn the new title of the next book in the back of BLACK PLATINUM!

So, long story short, two Sebastian and Talia books are coming up. Yay!

iBooks’ preorder date will be updated to reflect this change.

4 thoughts on “BLACK PLATINUM Update…more Sebastian & Talia! :)

  1. Betty Hendrix

    I’ve read the first 5 and excited to start 6. Already ordered 7. You have no idea how much I enjoy your books. I’m 85 just want you to know you reach a wide range. Your Books are up there with Fifty Shades, but with more excitement.

  2. Susan

    I’m with Betty. I “accidentally” came across Sebastian and Talia on Amazon and am hooked. Fifty Shades was totally bogus as compared to your writing. I love it when an author knows how to research AND make me laugh. Kudos to you. Can’t wait to see what the next Sebastian and Talia adventure is like.

    1. ptmichelle Post author

      Hi Susan! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying my stories of Sebastian and Talia’s adventures. <3 I have so much fun blending thriller suspense with steamy romance and topping it off with a bit of humor. Fifty Shades created an AMAZING revolution, taking sexy romance mainstream. Massive kudos goes to EL James! 🙂


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