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AWAKEN and BLACK PLATINUM release schedules

AWAKEN and BLACK PLATINUM release updates…


ALMOST DONE! Woot!! If you’ve been following me on FB you’ve seen the daily word count I’ve been cranking out on AWAKEN. I’m ONE scene away from finishing Ethan & Nara’s final book (it’s well over 100K). I do have edits, which usually go quickly, but with iBooks’ holiday shut down for uploading books starting today and going thru 1/8/17 and Kobo closing for uploads early too, I can’t release a book on some retailers and not others. Oh man, the emails I would get from unhappy readers if they couldn’t get the book on their retailer of choice!

All this means that AWAKEN’s release is out of my control until later in January. So I’ll be setting AWAKEN’s release on ALL retailers to go live on 1/24/17. I will share PREORDER links for each retailer as they become available.


<— Did you miss the cover reveal! 🙂

Now that AWAKEN will release in January, I won’t be releasing BLACK PLATINUM in the same month. A ton of work goes into releasing a book once it’s ready to be published. I’m a one-woman show. No assistant. It’s just me doing all the work that a publisher would normally do for an author. Since AWAKEN is releasing in January, BLACK PLATINUM will release February (2/28/17).

Updates for Awaken and Black Platinum

Admitting that you’re not superwoman.

That’s hard. I hate admitting that 🙁 Unfortunately what makes me able to hyper focus on a story until I get it done–that in-the-zone mode–is also the same skill that keeps me from being able to work full throttle on two projects at once. Ask my husband…I’m a terrible multitasker. :/ I envy authors whose brains allow them to work on more than one story at a time!

AWAKEN is still slated for the end of October…it may slip to the beginning of November with edits, but that should be it.

BLACK PLATINUM is getting pushed back. I won’t short change Talia and Sebastian’s story just to rush it out in order to keep the current November 15th date. They deserve the best story I can give you. BLACK PLATINUM is outlined and started, so I hope it flies quickly as soon as I’m able to focus 100% of my time on it. Just like the promise I gave you for AWAKEN (that I wouldn’t release another story before I released the last BKoD book), once I’m knee deep into BLACK PLATINUM, no other stories will release until BLACK PLATINUM does.

So, new deadline…I’m going to be optimistic and keep BLACK PLATINUM in 2016, because I really want you all to have their story this year around mid-December. I’ll update you all with an official “day” release after AWAKEN is released and I know where I’m at. (the iBooks PreOrder for BLACK PLATINUM will be updated to reflect that mid-Dec date tomorrow). Please send me speedy typing vibes, peeps. I would love to type faster than I do!

I WILL be sharing BLACK PLATINUM’s cover on November 15th, so you’ll be getting something fun to look forward to on that day! 🙂

Thank you all for understanding!

Hugs <3


STEEL’s Full Tattoo Revealed & SALE Ending Soon!

I’m excited to share this fun quick video revealing STEEL’s full tattoo that you read about in GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH, Cass and Calder’s story. If you’ve been waiting to buy these books, grab them now because the sale prices of $.99 and $3.99 of both books are going up to full price very soon!

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