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Preorder Links for BLOOD ROSE – Coming in 5 Days!

Preorder and Teasers for BLOOD ROSE. Releasing in 5 DAYS – July 17th! 

A photographer with a dark past. A former SEAL without a family. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect the woman he loves. 

Calder Blake lost everything: his mother, his father, his very identity. Until Cass, he didn’t believe he deserved to be a Blake, where family and loyalty always come first.

But what if Cass can’t give Calder what he needs to move on from his broken past?

Or worse, what if someone’s determined that Cass will never get a chance to become a Blake?

DEAR READERSBLOOD ROSE is a stand alone story, but if you haven’t read how Cass and Calder’s love story first started, you can do so through GOLD SHIMMER and STEEL RUSH. Not only do you get to take the journey with Cass and Calder, but you’ll also get to visit with Sebastian and Talia, since they play key roles in Cass and Calder’s story.

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REDDEST BLACK – All Retailer’s Preorder Links, Releases in 4 days

FOUR MORE DAYS until REDDEST BLACK releases on October 24th! Have you PREORDERED yet? Even with a baby on the way, Sebastian and Talia manage to keep their passion burning. But someone’s threatening everything that matters to them. Releases Oct 24th. PLEASE SHARE!

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I hope you’re ready to experience all levels of emotion with this book…from swoony moments to better-have-a-box-of-tissues-handy ones.

A couple of teasers from the book…

Even wth a baby on the way, Sebastian and Talia manage to keep their passion alive. But someone’s threatening everything that matters to them!

BLACK PLATINUM Update…more Sebastian & Talia! :)


When your book’s outline and the book you’re writing don’t match…It’s growing like kudzu, peeps! And yes, I was brainstorming so fast I started putting stickies on my wall. Shhh, don’t tell my hubby! #sogladhenevergoesinmyoffice

The good news is there will be a bigger story in BLACK PLATINUM than I had originally planned. But that means that I need to add more to BLACK PLATINUM which will segue into another book, because one storyline leads into the other. These books will be full length novels, don’t worry! They’ll just have a connecting thread.

But that does mean that I’m pushing out the release date of BLACK PLATINUM to late Early May. And you’ll learn the new title of the next book in the back of BLACK PLATINUM!

So, long story short, two Sebastian and Talia books are coming up. Yay!

iBooks’ preorder date will be updated to reflect this change.